Singapore is one of the most affordable countries to study as the universities offers course with affordable fees scholarships and paid internship programs. as one of the developed countries in the region they offer good facilities to students and students have the opportunity to transfer credits to their dream destinations and complete the studies.

New Zealand

New Zealand is home to one of the most beautiful natural environments in the entire world, and its relative geographic isolation has allowed it to avoid many of the problems faced by other nations today. if you want to study abroad surrounded by friendly people extreme sports and beautiful scenery then consider New Zealand!


Australia has 40 reputed Universities,spread across the country. World rankings show it has somewhere between 5 and 8 of the world s top 100 universities. Our friendly staff will help students to choose the right university and once you chose your university you could apply for a placement, Emerald isle staff will provide a clear instructions and help you through the process.


Ireland offers a wide selection of Study Abroad Programmes allowing credit transfer arrangements with overseas universities and colleges. A friendly and hospitable country, Ireland has a very special welcome for visitors from all around the world. Every year the Irish experience is spoken of with enthusiasm by a growing number of international students.

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